Who said that art can't be useful? If you think so, we disagree. Why waste a perfectly good plain t-shirt by not having any artwork on it? I'm sure your momma told you that wasting is a bad thing, so why don't you buy a cool shirt with some sweet artwork on it? We the brand are bringing creativity back into practicality.

Okami was born out of pure necessity.

While half of the street wear world is killing each other over items with just another box logo printed on them, you might as well just buy something from us. And walk away from the commotion in style.

Sounds too good to be true?

It gets a whole lot better! Our clothes are made, and printed in the US and not in a sweatshop where workers – including children – are employed at low wages, in poor conditions, and long hours.
We are here to create something positive and we don't want to support other people's suffering and exploitation. This is something that we are truly passionate about. If you are interested more in who makes the clothes you wear, and how you can help them, head over to Labour Behind the Label's website, and get involved, make a donation or just inform yourself.

Cool, but what about Mother Earth?

Well she would be happy to hear that our prints are made with a water-based eco-friendly ink.

You happy now ain't you?

Shop now!